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  • Pre-Arrival Orientation
    Pre-Arrival Orientation
    During the Familiarization Trip an assignee will get a glimpse of life in the future host country.
    An assignee often uses this trip as part of the decision making process.
    Major Elements :
    Information Package, Area Tour, Housing Overview, and Schooling Overview (if applicable)
    The familiarization trip is not intended to be a detailed home search, but rather an overview of life and common housing accommodations in the given destination.
    1. Preparation Prior to Arrival
    2. Welcome / Transfer
    3. Information Package
    4. Area Tour
    5. Shooling Overview (when applicable)
    6. Housing Overview
    7. Medical Service Overview
    8. Overview of Security Issues
    9. Public Transport / Private Transport Advice and Information
    10. Documentation Overview
    11. Automobile Overview
    Pre-Arrival Orientation
  • Home-Finding Package
    Home-Finding Package
    This program is designed for the well seasoned assignee that has lived abroad several times and is familiar with settling-into a new host country.
    Major Elements :
    Arrangements for welcome and transfer, Information Package, Area tour, Home finding assistance
    1. Prepation prior to arrival.
    2. General Korean Housing Information package.
    3. Overview of residential areas.
    4. Accompany assignee and family to all scheduled appointments with real estate agents.
    5. View a selection of properties within budget and needs assessment guidelines.
    6. Describe major positives and negatives of each property and residential area.
    7. Lease negotiations.
    8. Inspection and inventory check.
    Pre-Arrival Orientation
  • Settling in Package
    Settling in Package
    We provide all the assistance necessary for assignee and his/her family to live a comfortable everyday life. Our consultants will always be available for any question and requests, and will provide assignee with valuable information enabling him/her to fully enjoy their life in Korea.
    1. Furniture (Purchase / rental)
    2. Utilities, cable, phone and Internet connection
    3. Bank arrangement
    4. Insurance (Contents/Renters/Liability)
    5. Document Assistance
    6. Automobile Assistance
    7. Schooling Overview (when applicable)
    8. Pracical Aspects of Life
    Pre-Arrival Orientation
    - Local nanny and babysitting agencies
    - Local media ,newspapers, radio, TV,
    - Religious institutions
    - Arts (cinemas, museums, galleries)
    - Restaurants/cafes/bars/clubs
    - Leisure/sports/health clubs/facilities, parks
    - Popular open air markets and shopping areas
    - Expatriate networks
    - Practical use of telephone
    - Post office
    - Medical/dental facilities
    - Shopping
    - Major highways
    - Safety guidelines
    - Public Transportation
  • Cross Culture Training
    Cross Culture Training
    Cross-Cultural Orientation Program
    Nicerent Relocation is one of the few professional and efficient relocation companies in Korea. Our staff has extensive experience in all the aspects of the relocation process and thereby able to help you settle-in as smoothly as possible. We have expanded our cross-cultural program to include all the information an expatriate will need to truly “Discover Korea and Korean people.” Our program covers the business side, including business entertainment, day-to-day living information, cultural differences/similarities, Korean history and much more. Our program is continually updated with information and feedback from expatriates as well as Korean professionals. We do this to ensure all information covered is up to date, vital and useful. Our cross-cultural orientation is a must for the expatriate doing business in Korea. We know that knowledge is more than power. Knowledge equals success! Pre-Arrival Orientation
    Table of Contents
    I. Cultural Differences/similarities - Gibun (saving face and one’s outlook)
    - Giving feedback
    - Personal space
    - Public transportation
    - Government offices
    - Level of friendship
    - Reluctant seller
    - Entertaining/creating a favorable mood
    - Communication
    - Business relationships
    - Vertical vs. horizontal society
    - Body language
    - Negotiation
    - Names/referring to someone, common names/female maiden names
    II. Prior to doing business in Korea - Information gathering
    - Stereo-types
    - Protect yourself
    III. Negotiating in Korea - Korean society
    - Timing/holidays
    - Personalities
    - Road blocks/tension - Taking the first offer
    - Added value
    - Closing the deal
    IV. How to successfully do business in Korea - Favorable mood/negotiation surroundings
    - Location of the meeting
    - Market yourself
    - Build relationships
    - Positive outlook
    - Patience
    - Third party network/contacts
    - Translators
    - The Korean language
    - Status Symbols
    V. Day-to- Day survival - Basic overview of hierarchy/vertical society
    - While at work, observations
    - Clothing
    - Eating out
    - Invitations to weddings, homes, and other locations/events
    - Out in the city
    - Taxis
    - Strangers
    - Airport
    - Buses/Train/subway
    - Cash society
    - Do’s and Don’ts
    - Media, TV, newspapers, cable, radio
    - Post office
    - Helpful Korean words and phrases
    - Fun
    - Driver’s License
    - Shopping
    VI. Business Entertainment
      - Drinking etiquette
    VII. History - Country demographics
    - Useful information-climate
    - Map of Korea
    - Map of open air markets/historical sites
    VIII. Answering of initial questions, impressions
    IX. Additional Q & A
  • Document Assistant Package
    Document Assistant Package
    Brief discussion about the documents the assignee will need for the duration their assignment Assist assignee and family with the completion of all documents for residency that are typically completed upon arrival.
    Accompany family to relevant local authorities to accomplish the above. Accompany them to the police station and local town hall for registration of residency.
    - Bank account
    - Credit card
    - Korean driving license
    - Visa information and assistance
    - Obtaining residence card
    - Reporting change of address in Korea
    - Registration of vehicle purchase
    Pre-Arrival Orientation
  • Departure Package
    Departure Package
    The purpose of this program is to effectively and efficiently return the assignee to his / her home country or next destination. A key benefit of the program includes the negotiation for the return of the security deposit.
    Major Elements Include : Inspection and Inventory, Utility Disconnect and Return Deposit Negotiations
    - Inspection and inventory out. (where customary)
    - Furnished contents and condition. (note defects then sign and date inventory)
    - Property condition. (note defects and sign and date inventory)
    - Contact all relevant utilities and assist with cancellation and final billing.
       (includes visiting property where necessary)
    - Negotiate return of deposit and, through use of the property inventory, will assist in attempting to avoid any
       potential legal claims over the property condition.
    - Notify Post office of change of address
    - Arrange for mail forwarding service
    - Cancel club memberships
    - Arrange for disposal of any trash following he move out
    - Arrange transfer of school records
    - Arrange pick up of any remaining furniture items not being shipped with assignee, to local charitable or
    - Accompany to local relevant authorities for visa / residency cancellation if necessary
    Pre-Arrival Orientation
  • Property Management
    Property Management

    Check on defects and flaws of the Premises and contacting suitable repair service. Assistance regarding the process of repair of the Premises.

    Calculation of utility and other services for expiration or termination of the Lease. Cancellation of mortgage, check status of deposit, past due utility and rent for expiration or termination of the Lease

    Negotiating price of rent and terms for extension of the Lease and Inter-connection service of real estate agency for succession of expiration.

    Inspection due to expiration or termination and restoration.

    Checking and issuing monthly rent invoice.

    Provide English version manuals for home appliances

    Furniture rental or purchase connection service

    Connection service for cleaning, maid, nanny, water, pest control, gardening, security, etc