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Bar & Club

  • Bar
    Once in a Blue moon
    Once in a Blue moon
    A New Jazzed Establishment on the Block South of the River- Once were there few places where both cuisine and jazz music are emphasized in Seoul. Once in a Blue Moon, a new establishment at Cheongdam-dong just adjacent to Apgujeong-dong in downtown Gangnam area, is both a full-scale restaurant and a classy jazz club. Along with its spacious and well equipped hall stretched over three floors the appealing line up of dishes and the more appealing line up of music make this classy jazz club stand out as an appealing substitute for the many clubs clustering around Sinchon and Hongik University area, Itaewon and other entertainment districts across Seoul. Its menu features a variety of international dishes, constituting so-called Multi-national Foods or Nouvelle Cuisine, which are gaining popularity among the rather young generation in the area. It includes Bali-style seafood with basil and tomato sauce, Italian pasta, Indonesian style fried rice dishes and Vietnamese style fried tuna roll tops as well as classical sirloin steaks and cold roast beef salad appetizer. All the chefs, bartenders and staff are part timers for night work at Once in a Blue Moon, working at five star hotels at downtown by day.
    Open Hours : 5:00pm ~ 2:00am
    Tel : 02 549 5490
    Hard Rock Cafe
    Hard Rock Cafe
    Seoul branch of a worldwide franchise restaurant offering rock'n'roll style taste. Hard Rock Cafe Seoul at Cheongdam-dong is open at the basement level on Dec. 22, 1996. The front entrance, that is peculiar to each country, is decorated with a giant rotating globe and a huge model of an electric guitar is sanding near the street outside the entrance. The establishment boasts a space of 320 pyeong and a large parking facilities as well as powerful audio system suited to the size of the cafe, playing selection of the very best from Elvis Presley to Bon Jovi. Customers are able to enjoy not only amounts of Memorabilie' 1970s like Beatles, Woodstock and over 40 various guitars but also a vast range of drinks and dishes including Bulgogi and other favorite Korean dishes, of course good old American food like yankee burgers, hot fudge brownies
    Open Hours : (Mondays to Thursdays) 5:00pm to 02:00am,
    (Fridays) 5:00pm to 03:00am (Saturdays) 12:00noon to 03:00am,
    (Sundays) 12:00noon to 02:00am Tel : 02 547 5671
    The night life Iteawon is fast changing. While the spit and sawdust bars hang on, with their country and western themes and cartoonish waitresses, a new breed of venue is opening up. Helios is proud to be one of them. Helios has a chilled atmosphere and decent decor. Eventhough you won't sight a dart board or pool table, Helios is the one place you don't want to miss out.
    Open everyday : from 12:00 noon to 3:00am.
    Lunch special : from 12:00 noon to 3:00pm
    Happy hour : weekdays from 3:00pm to 6:00pm (buy 2 get one free)
    Ladies Night :Thursdays from 9:00pm to 11:00pm (free drinks for ladies)
    Dance Contest :Thursdays from 11:00pm (ladies dance contest, winner gets 100,000won cash)
    Tel : 02 792 7077
    Geckos Terrace - European and Cajun-style cuisine. Welcome to Gecko's Terrace Restaurant & Bar. Gecko's offers authentic European and Cajun-style cuisine with daily and weekend specials, and also features a new menu every month. Drink menu consists of every kind of drink you can think of and want, including an extensive wine list and a wide assortment of draft and bottle beers. Cuban cigars are also available. Theres also a private room for up to 40 people to handle your next group or business function. For entertainment, Gecko's features a large screen TV, two pool tables and two dart boards. You can see some great league play in both darts and pool as Gecko's has teams in each league. Besides all this, theres a great DJ and sound system which will provide a wide selection of music from blues to hard rock for your listening pleasure.
    Website :
    Tel : 02 790 0540
    3 Alley pub
    3 Alley pub
    3 Alley Pub - Korea's Largest Selection of Draft Beer. Gunter Kamp, the owner of 3 Alley used to be the chef of the Paris Grill at the Hyatt Hotel and his menu at this new venture reflects this with the menu including dishes such as Beef & Guinness Stew, German Style Bratwurst, and Sirloin Steak with Onion Crust to name just a few. As well as great food on offer you can enjoy with one of 7 draft beers, the largest selection available in Korea. OPEN 7 days a week with regular special events designed to make life here a little more interesting
  • Night Club
    Night Club
    Night Club
    J. J. Mahoney's
    Asia's first and only multifaceted entertainment centre, offering fun and excitement in nine totally different environments, J. J. Mahoney's is a bar, a pub, a discotheque, a pool hall and a restaurant. Nine separate environments blend into a harmony of moods and styles. With its rich mahogany woodwork, plush leather seating, luxurious Persian rugs and profusion of antiques and greenery, J. J. Mahoney's combines the warmth of nostalgia with all of the technical advantages of contemporary interior design. The central focus of the nine environments is the massive Main Island Bar, bordered by the Greenhouse dining area. Guests can step outside the French doors for a drink on the outdoor terrace or dine at the poolside dining pavilion, which accommodates 100 guests in a cool, romantic garden setting. The New York Deli specialises in generous deli-style sandwiches and a variety of delicious Italian pasta dishes.
    Open Hours : Monday to Thursday - 5:30 pm to 2:00 am
    Friday and Saturday - 5:30 pm to 3:00 am
    Sunday - 5:30 pm to 1:00 am
    Tel : 02 799 8601/798 0066
    Areno is in Seoul Hilton Hotel, it is differ from other existing dancing clubs, like its catchphrase Dance + sports + food = fun, it provide us the multiple amusement places. Inside the Areno you can feel like you are in the middle of stock market in Wall streets, there is large electronic sign of liquors, the prices of liquors go up and down depend on the demand. Also its facilities in dance floor are excellent. At the bar, European style interior makes totally different atmosphere, it's like sports club. People can enjoy pool and table soccer also. There are several karaoke rooms, in the rooms, group visitors can enjoy privately.
    Nearest subway station : Seoul station exit 9, walk toward to Hilton hotel about 5 minutes. Hoehyeon station exit 4, walk toward to Hilton hotel about 5 minutes
    Tel : 02 317 3244~5
    Nyx & Nox
    Located in Rits-Carlton hotel, Nyx & Nox is New York style pub bar. This pub named after the goddess of the Night in Greek mythology. In Nyx & Nox, people can enjoy not only dancing but also variety cocktails and delicious side dishes. There are bar , dancing stage and 5 karaoke room in which people can enjoy a small party with their own members. After 9:00 pm, they have dance party with popular DJ. Side dishes 35,000~ 45,000won
    Open hours : 6:00 pm ~ 3:00 am, Sunday 6:00 pm~ 1:00 am
    Nearest subway : Gangnam station exit 7, walk toward to KYOBO Building about 10 minutes.
    Nonhyun station exit 2, Walk toward to Gangnam station about 15 minnutes
    Tel : 02 3451 8444
    Boss 677
    Boss677 is very large night club which is 2,223 square meters large. There is large stage inside and 29 rooms - people can enjoy privately with their own groups in the room. The peak hours are 11:00 pm to 4:00 am on Friday and Saturday. Located in basement floor of Sunshine hotel Open hours : 6:00 pm ~ 7:00 am
    Tel : 02 518 5966~7

  • HongDae Club-Day
    HongDae Club-Day

    If you looking for the place for dancing, go to the Hongdea! (the nickname for the area surrounding Hongik University)

    Nightlife in Korea? Looking for a place for the really underground, groundbreaking, grounded, down-to-earth night life? The kind where one can roam the streets in either a Balinese sarong or an Armani suit without anyone batting an eye? Where both ravers with multiple piercings and lovesick couples in matching polo shirts peacefully share bar space? Where techno, hip-hop, hard core rock and even jazz co-exist in a melodic utopia. Hongdae is now holding a monthly "Club Day" (once a month, last Friday)With each Hongdae club usually charging from 5,000 won to 10,000 won per person for admission fee, you'd normally have to spend a lot more to check out the atmosphere of each club and decide which you like best. Each club has a different personality, style and crowd. But once a month, at "CLUB DAY," you can visit more than 14 clubs just paying for 20,000won. At the entrance of a club, pay 20,000 won for the wristband of club-day, then you can go in and out without admission fee to any of other clubs which join in the club-day(NB, DD, TOOL, SKA, JOKERRED, COD, MI, M2, HODGEPODGE, SAAB, HOOPER, MWG, CARGO...ETC).
    NB means Noise Basement, it is very large and famous Hip Hop club in Hongdea. You will see a lot of stylish clubbers who seems like jumping out from TV show just now. At the club day, it is always full of people, you should wait in a long line to get in
    Genre : hip hop
    Open Hours : 8:00 pm~ 6:00 am
    MWG plays PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, FUNKY HOUSE music. It is famous for inviting DJs from overseas to spin.It has special interior. The dry-ice smoke with neon sign makes mysterious atmosphere in MWG.
    Genre : progressive house, funky house
    Open Hours : 8:00 pm~ 6:00 am
    CLUB Cargo
    People can easily approach to CARGO , because of their popular music style. They often treat a glass of orange vodka for free.
    Genre : House, Trance
    Resident DJs : Guru, Shinju, Calvin
    Open Hours : 8:00 pm~ 6:00 am
    DD(Discovering days) is well-known for Hip Hop club. People visit DD not only for dancing but also for the various hip hop music. Opened early this year, it has been foreigner hip-pop lovers favourite place to party. Its walls are decorated in neon lighting for a strong modern appeal, and dance floor is a blessing for tired ankles.
    Genre : hip hop
    Open Hours : 7:00 pm~ 6:00 am
    CLUB Hooper
    A western-themed bar familiar even to infrequent partiers.
    You can enjoy familiar Korean pop music in HOOPER. This club always crowded with people even on weekdays
    Genre : pop, rock, hardcore
    Open Hours : 7:00 pm ~ 5:00 am
    SAAB has DJ booth in entrance. They open their DJ box, so visitors can select music. In SAAB, you can enjoy both hip hop and techno. This club is in the basement floor of the bar "US66"( in 3rd floor of same building, there's HOOPER).
    Genre : House, Lounge, Hip-hop
    Open Hours : 7:00 pm ~ 5:00 am
    CLUB Ska
    SKA is the oldest club in Hongdea. It is a small place in 3rd floor. It has many patrons, because of its own cozy atmosphere. You can hear the old and familiar pop and rock music in SKA.
    Genre : pop, rock, house
    Open Hours : 7:00 pm ~ 5:00 am
    CLUB Jokerred
    JOkERRED is well-known club for techno music. There is mania people of JOKERRED who is called JOKERIAN. The owner of this club is famous DJ Sunshine. In the club, ethnic painting and red light makes marvelous atmosphere. They invite famous DJ from abroad and hold "Exit to Asia party" every month.
    Genre : Progressive House, Techno
    Resident DJs : Sunshine, Qua, Eon
    Open Hours : 7:00 pm ~ 5:00 am
    CLUB M.I
    MI(music intelligence) is full of electronic music mania people, its techno club.Club M.I has an impressive sound system. Laser beam at the ceiling makes fantastical mood. The owner of this club is DJ Uncle, he is well-known for high level DJING among the mania people. You can enjoy DJ Uncle's DJING in MI.
    Genre : Trance, House, Progressive House
    Resident DJs : Uncle, Shai, DoDo, Fin, Cloudd
    Open Hours : 7:30 pm ~ 6:00 am
    Open since December, 2003, club COD is newborn club which held parties actively. Every 3rd Saturday of a month, it has a party, named "King of DJ" At the party, you can enjoy the battles of DJ. As you can see in the picture of COD, it has very unique interior. People often enjoy dance with glow stick in COD. At weekend, COD is crowded with foreign visitors.
    Genre : Trance, House, Progressive House
    Resident DJs : Devil, Ahn, Frankie Shin, Dave Benz, Hoon
    Open Hours : 7:00 pm ~ 5:00 am
    CLUB HodgePodge
    Rock, hardcore, indie music, this club always turn on the harsh beat music. Especially in weekend, it looks like Funk & Hardcore club, because of many people who enjoy slam.
    Genre : rock, hardcore
    Open Hours : 8:00 pm ~ 6:00 am
    CLUB M2
    Open since May, 2005, M2 is the largest club in Hondea. They hold a monthly party on a large scale. In M2, there are large dance floor, 2nd floor lounge and three bars.
    Genre : House, Progressive House
    Open Hours : 8:00 pm ~ 6:00 am

  • Jazz Club
    Jazz Club
    In Evans, very popular jazz club in Hongdea, you can easily get fascinated in Swing rhythm. Its interior decoration is quiet nice, so it is also good place to date. The customer should pay additional 5,000 won for performance fee, when they order a beverage.
    Open Hours : 6:00 pm~ 2:00 am
    Musical performance : 8:30 pm ~ 11:20 pm
    Way to Evans : get off the Hongik Univ. station, exit no.6. Walk toward to the Hongik Univ. At the cross road of Hongik Univ. entrance, turn right. Walk about 100 meter, it's on your right, second floor of 7-Eleven convenience store. Or get off the Sangsu station (line 6), exit no.1, walk 150 meter toward to Hongik Univ., at left side you can see the 7-Eleven.
    Tel : 02 337 8361 / 016 205 3394 / 018 266 9160
    Palm is attractive live jazz club. It is not huge palace but it has its own cozy atmosphere. If this is your first time to go to jazz club, Palm will be the best choice. Beverage is around 7,000 won, performance fee 5,000 won separately.
    Open Hours : 6:30 pm ~ 4:00 am / 4:30 pm ~ 2:00 am (Sunday)
    Musical performance : 9:00 pm ~ 11:00 pm/ 9:00 pm ~12:30 am (Friday)/ no performance on Monday
    Way to Evans : get off the Hongik Univ. station, exit no.6, refer to the map below
    Tel: 02 336 9016 / 011 9119 8094 .
    Water Cock
    Water cock is elegant jazz club, tables are close to the stage, customers can hear the original sound of the Jazz. The owner of this club plays the bass personally. The musicians who perform here are the highest level in Korea. Very well-known place for the jazz mania. Beverage is around 5,000 won, performance fee is 3,000 ~10,000 won
    Open hour : 7:00 pm ~ 3:00 am
    Musical performance : 9:00 pm ~ 11:30 pm / 8:00 pm~ 11:00 pm(Sunday)
    Way to Water cock : get off the Hongik station, exit no.6, refer to the map below. Tel : 02 338 5254
    Bebop is long standing club. Musical performance time is longest among the other jazz clubs in Hogdea. People can feel the jazz with a glass of martini in Bebop
    Musical performance : 8:00 pm ~ 2:30 am
    Way to Bebop : get off the Hongik station, exit no.6, refer to the map below.
    Tel : 02 338 4933
    Moon Glow
    Famous jazz musician Mr. shin is owner of this club. It is the largest jazz club in hongdea area. If you want to enjoy the Jazz piano performance with beer, moon glow is right place. Also there no performance fee.
    Open Hours : 12:00 pm~ 2:00 am
    Musical Performance : 9 :00 pm ~ 11: 30 pm (Monday to Staturday)
    Way to moon glow : refer to the map below. Tel : 02 324 5105

  • Salsa Club
    Salsa Club
    Macondo is one of the oldest salsa bar in Korea. It has real atmosphere of Latin America. Every Saturday (10:00 pm ~ 4:00 am), it is crowded with many foreigners especially people from Europe and Latin America. If you want to feel an exotic mood, Macondo will be excellent place. Theres also lesson for beginner. Parking available.
    Open hour : 7:00 pm ~ 1:00 am / 7:00 pm ~5:00 am (Fri, Sat ) / Close on Sunday.
    Admission fee : free
    Beverage : 3,000 ~ 10,000 won
    Website : www.
    Way to Macondo : get off the Hongik Univ. station, exit no.5, walk along the street, till you can see the Java coffe shop and easy mart, then turn left. You can find the Macondo on your left side.
    Tel : 02 332 5752 / 017 717 7693 (manager cell phone no.)
    Sabor Latino
    Open since 1998, Sabor Latino is decorated with the huge picture of Havana beach and the nude drawing of dancers movement. Various party and events are held regularly. You can experience Cuban style salsa in Sabor Latino
    Open hour : 7: 00 pm ~ 12:00 pm / open year round
    Admission fee : 8,000 won
    Beverage : 3,000 ~ 10,000 won
    Way to Sabor Latino : get off the Hongik Univ. station, exit no. 5
    Tel : 02 338 9221 / 02 338 9220
    At Bonita, largest Latin bar in Hongdea, you can enjoy Swing, Tango, Merengue and salsa. It has Tango day (every Tuesday), Swing day (every Thursday) and several programs each day. There is no other Latin bar that people can enjoy Tango, It is very special place for the tango mania in Korea.
    Open hours : 7: 00 pm ~ 12:00 pm / open year round
    Admission fee : 5,000 won
    Beverage : 3,000 ~ 10,000 won
    Way to Bonita : get off the Hongik Univ. station, exit no. 2
    Tel : 02 337 0045