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Driver License

How to Convert Your Current License
If you want to change your current license to a Korean driver's, follow the steps below :
There are twenty-four Driver's License Examination Offices in charge of license application and issuance.
Seoul Apartments - Required documents : translated and notarized driver's license issued by your own country of origin Passport or certificate of immigration / 4 photos (3*4 cm)
- The term of a Korean driver's license is 7 years
- It usually takes 7 to 10 days to get a Korean driver's license
- The translation and notarization fees are to be paid by the requester (A signature of a translator is required)
For First Time Driver's License
Getting a first time driver's license requires the following procedures :
- Minimum residence for a foreigner is 6 months or more left to stay in Korea
- Complete the same application form as required for Korean citizens, application fee is 7,000 won
- Required documents : passport or Alien Registration Certificate / 4 photos (3*4 cm)
- Examinations are given in English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese.
- The length of the license term varies from 3 to 7 years depending on the license type (commercial or passenger)
- A physical examination (an eye examination) is also required, the fee is 7,000 won
Driver's License Renewal
Seoul Apartments A Korean driver's license is valid for seven years. You can renew the license three months in advance of the expiration date (every seven years). Your photo (3*4 cm), your current driver's license, and renewal fees are required.
Driver's License Testing Sites in Seoul
Testing Sites Tel Testing Sites Tel
Kangnam Driver's License Testing Site 555-0855 Sobu Driver's License Testing Site 374-6811
Kangso Driver's License Testing Site 666-4500 1Tobong Driver's License Testing Site 934-7000