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Home Cleaning

'Home Cleaning' Service provides a general home cleaning including Removal of dust, contamination, laundry and dish washing.
How much
Charge Time Specialist Service area
KRW / hour
Service Detail
  • Need a professional cleaning
  • Lack of time to clean my home
  • Before leaving home for a while due to business trip or going on a vacation.
  • After a special event at home
  • We do; Cleaning, Laundry, and Dish washing
Checklist before Service
  • For the sake of the best service experience, cleaning equipments should be prepared in the place of service beneficiary.
  • e.g.) Vacuum Cleaner, Towel for wiping out, Mop, Detergent, Sponge, Rubber gloves, Soap, Detergent for Kitchen …etc.
  • Additional cost may be incurred if the contamination of the cleaning area is significantly older or larger than average houses.
  • Additional costs may be incurred to remove mold removal, stickers, and sheets.
  • The refund policy is as follows :
Cancellation Policy
1 day before the reservation 50% refund of the deposit
Reservation day No refund